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No Huddle Technology is a blog designed to provide useful tools/resources for educators to use in their classroom to enhance learning.  Technology changes everyday and how we go about developing activities for our students is instrumental to our success. My goal is that everyone who visits my page leaves with another tool that will help improve academic lives of their students.

Why the phrase No Huddle Technology?

As a former football coach when our team used a huddle before every offensive play I was controlling every move limiting my players true capabilities. When our teams implemented a no huddle offense I had to rely on the offensive players to see the defense just as much as our coaches.  Did this take away from my leadership as coach?  Absolutely not. Increasing player responsibility made us be more collaborative as a team and focused on one goal which was winning.

Students can do amazing things when we allow them the opportunity to demonstrate it.  Technology is just a tool to enhance academic opportunities.  I hope you find a few tools for your toolbelt after visiting my site.








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