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3 Effective EdTech Tools for Your Classroom

Immediate feedback is vital to increasing academic performance and giving you information that allows you to alter lesson plans to meet the needs of your students.  During the course of a day, how can each student receive individual feedback on their progress?  Can you realistically provide this to every student?  Utilizing technology as a tool to provide student feedback can benefit you professionally and personally.  Students can receive timely feedback on their learning and you are freed up from hand grading papers that a tool can do for you.  If you are using technology often, you may know about the tools I am going to discuss however if you are just putting your toe in the SAMR Swimming pool this is a place to begin.


For any multiple choice quizzes or documents that could be graded via scantron then Flubaroo is a perfect start for you.  Flubaroo is an add-on for google forms and instantly grades student work.  To read an in-depth article on how flubaroo works, I suggest visiting Alice Keeler’s website. Alice is a google classroom expert who has tutorials on a variety of edtech tools.


If you are prepared for your class to become rowdy and excited about learning then you need to add Kahoot to your bag of classroom tools.  Kahoot provides you and the student with immediate feedback within each game.  This game based learning software can be used in numerous situations.  The Kahoot website has a journal providing examples from classrooms that can be a catalyst to creative lessons in your classroom.


Do you use videos to help student access content?  Zaption allows you to use existing videos and easily embed questions or add comments throughout to check for understanding.  As students navigate videos at their own pace you receive detailed analytics how students are working with the content.

The three edtech tools I have shared are just the beginning of your digital journey.  If you have questions regarding any of the tools please contact me on twitter.